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Bike Rentals

This season, we are happy to once again partner with Specialized to provide rental bikes while on tour. This season we are upgrading our new bikes in our fleet. Specialized was the industry innovator and is still the leader for this category of bike. The category focuses on providing all the the performance associated with a traditional performance road bike, but with a geometry designed to provide a more comfortable position which leads to less fatigue for those sometimes longer and more challenging days in the saddle. We’re also upgrading the model of the bikes we’ve chosen, to provide as carefree of an experience as possible.We will continue to provide a full size range of both men’s and women’s models. For those of you that prefer the flat bar style of bike, we will continue to maintain a full size range of these bikes. We’ve included a recommended size chart, but you may also want to visit a local Specialized Dealer to confirm the size you’ve chosen will fit your needs. For our men’s road bikes, we will offer the Diverge Elite. For the women’s road bikes, we will offer the Dolce Evo. For the flat bar bikes, we will offer the Sirrus and the Vita in smaller sizes.

Bike rentals are $200 per bike per tour for tours in the United States and $300 for bikes in Canada

Select the rental option when registering and the cost will be added to your balance statement due 45 days before the tour departure date

All rental bikes are also equipped with an anatomical touring saddle. We would also urge those who are accustomed to their own saddles to bring them along (without seat post) and we can also exchange your saddle for ours on your rental bicycle. Rental bicycles are equipped with odometers, pumps, tire irons or patch kits. Our tour leaders are veterans of countless wheel repairs and eagerly look forward to every opportunity to demonstrate their speed and adroitness in the event that you experience a flat along the way. All of these comments and suggestions are intended to ensure and enhance your comfort with our bicycle on tour. If you have any questions whatsoever about rental equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to the tour so that we can provide the bicycle that will best fulfill your particular needs.

Shipping your bike to a tour:
There are a number of services to consider when planning to ship your bike ahead of time to a pre-tour hotel, these are a few of the firms that prior guests used successfully:, and even Federal Express. When shipping to Canada, please call the shipper to understand their approach of managing the customs process.

Specialized Allez & Sirrus General Sizing Reference

Men's drop style Women's drop style Upright style
Diverge Elite or Secteur 49 (5'0" - 5'3") Dolce Evo or Dolce 44 (4'10 - 5'1") Vita SM (4'10"-5'2")
Diverge Elite or Secteur 52 (5'3"- 5'6") Dolce Evo or Dolce 48 5'1" - 5'3" Sirrus SM 5'2"-5'5"
Diverge Elite or Secteur 54 (5'6"- 5'9") Dolce Evo or Dolce 51 5'2"- 5'5" Sirrus MD 5'5"- 5'9"
Diverge Elite or Secteur 56 (5'9"- 6'0") Dolce Evo or Dolce 54 5'5"-5'-7" Sirrus LG 5'9"-6'1"
Diverge Elite or Secteur 58 (6'0"- 6'3")   Sirrus XL 6'1"-6'6"
Diverge Elite or Secteur 61 (6'3"- 6'6")

Notes: 1. This is a starting point only. 2. Where two options are noted, long legged riders opt for smaller size

(Toby - Operations Manager -Timberline Adventures Bike Mechanic)



Routes, mileage and accommodations are subject to change due to safety, road/trail conditions, weather and availability.