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Pacific Northwest

cycling trip Volcanoes of the Cascades/South Cycling Tour New flower link

(14 days, 13 nights, Sat- Fri)

* 8/23- 9/5

Assembly Point: Timberline Lodge
(airline service to Portland, Timberline van transfer from Portland Airport to Tmberline Lodge prior to tour and to Reno following tour)

Pickup time: 8/23- 3 pm Drop off time: 9/5- 3 pm


Tour Cost: $5,050
(includes all lodging, breakfasts and dinners, van shuttles from Portland airport prior to tour and return to Portland from Crater Lake following tour, park entrance fees, support van, leaders, tour maps & narratives)

Additional Single Occupancy Lodging Cost: $TBD

We’re going to Tahoe! This year Volcano South adventure has doubled. It is like hitting the all you can eat desert buffet after a long ride, sweet goodness (without the calories). In addition to the magnificent Cascades we are going to bag the two most dramatic lakes in the west; Crater and Tahoe. Volcanoes South presents a dramatic illustration of the geographic diversity of the Cascade Range. A product of the region’s intense volcanic legacy, the basalt cliffs into the Columbia below.

Cascades began to take shape approximately 15-17 million years ago. As the landscape rose, the Columbia River, with its vast area of drainage, began to carve its course through the basalt bedrock on its way to the Pacific, a process that was dramatically accelerated at the end of the last Ice Age when the Missoula Floods cut the dramatic walls that exist today. The result of those floods is the 80-mile gorge that at times reaches depths up to 4,000 feet. The many streams that drain the region’s abundant snowmelt were left hanging by this cataclysmic event, and account for the 77 spectacular waterfalls that today pour hundreds of feet from the

This biking trip assembles at the Timberline Lodge, just to the east of Portland. Day 1 we roll downhill to Madras. Following an overnight at the Inn at Cross Keys Station, we’ll continue south along the eastern foothills to the vibrant town of Bend. Day 2. On Day 3 we’ll be biking moderately to Mt. Bachelor and continue along the quiet roads of the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway to LaPine. We’ll then van shuttle early morning of Day 4 to avoid an unexceptional stretch of roadway along US 97, and then it’s back on the bikes as we ride to Crater Lake and a never-to-be-forgotten loop along the crater’s rim. We will stop for a picnic lunch along the caldera.

We’ll spend that night at the magnificent Crater Lake Lodge and a well-deserved layover day on Day 5. Don’t expect to “veg” because hiking on Mount Scott and exploring the deepest lake in the United States is on the agenda. We will be enjoying the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway from just North of Crater Lake to Lassen National Park. Day 6 we start on the brink of the caldera, and then launch into an exciting downhill plunge along to Klamath Falls. On Day 7 we bid adieu to Oregon and hello to California. Our route will brings us to and through the greater metro area of Weed, California. We have a long day but a t-shirt stop in Weed is recommended. We end in Mount Shasta City; spectacular views of Mt Shasta will be our reward. On Day 8 we are headed to Old Station, CA that is just 13 miles from Lassen National Lassen National Park is next up on our agenda for Day 9, we will stop in Lassen and then travel beyond to Childs Meadow Resort. The gold rush community of Quincy is our destination on Day 10. There is still gold panning being done in the area, may be a gold ingot is in your future. The ride on Day 11 will pass through the Plumas and Tahoe National Forests where we finish in the cute little town of Truckee.

We are officially in the Lake Tahoe region. The proximity of the mountains and the lake create a unique situation in Truckee during the winter, it is frequently one of the coldest spots in the US, ranking up there with northern Minnesota. Day 12 brings us to Lake Tahoe; we will spend the evening in south lake so our route for the day will take us along the length of this natural wonder. Lake Tahoe has to be seen to really appreciate its size. Our last day of the trip is going to be spent enjoying Lake Tahoe on a hike or sitting This trip can be enjoyed individually or in tandem with the Volcanoes of the Cascades North Cycling Tour or as a segment of this year’s Odyssey.



Day 1 Assembly day, Timberline Lodge– bike fitting – orientation dinner  
Day 2 Timberline --- Madras 61 miles
Day 3 Madras — Redmond — Bend 68 miles
Day 4 Bend — Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway — La Pine 46 miles
Day 5 La Pine — Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway — Crater Lake National Park — Cycle Crater Lake Rim; overnight at Crater Lake Lodge 68 miles
Day 6 Layover day – hiking options at Crater Lake (5-8 miles)
Day 7 Crater Lake — Fort Klamath Falls – Klamath Falls 57 miles
Day 8 Klamath Falls, Or –Weed, CA—Mount Shasta City 82 miles
Day 9 Mount Shasta—Old Station 80 miles
Day 10 Old Station—Lassen National Park—Childs Meadow Resort 62 miles
Day 11 Childs Meadow Resort---Quincy 62 miles
Day 12 Quincy –Truckee 70 miles
Day 13 Truckee—Tahoe City—Emerald Bay—South Lake Tahoe 45 miles
Day 14 Hiking in South Lake Tahoe (5-8 miles)

Total cycling mileage — 701

Total hiking mileage - 10-16

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