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Colorado-based Timberline Adventures has been creating active travel experiences for 32 years. We offer over 60 small group bike tours and hiking treks a year in the most scenic landscapes of North America (with the odd trip in Europe).

Timberline’s focus is on self-propelled, active exploration in nature, with trips to 37 different national parks. But we're not into roughing it. While our travelers like to spend their days in motion, evenings are spent in leisure and comfort at charming inns and cafes along our routes. Timberline Adventures enjoys a strong and loyal following among our customers. Most of our guests have either travelled with us before or been referred to us by friends.

Challenge, discovery and fun are what defines Timberline Adventures’ trips. Though the trips can be physically challenging, itineraries are designed to be flexible so they can be adapted to different fitness levels. Nature is another key ingredient. Timberline’s trip roster includes includes some of the wildest areas in North America, including parks such as Glacier, Olympic, Yosemite, Acadia, Big Bend, Arches, and Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park.

National Geographic 50 Tours of a Lifetime Award

Timberline Adventures has been creating exceptional active travel experiences for 32 years and was recently recognized with the National Geographic 50 Tours of a Lifetime Award.

Our Story

HikingAfter 30 years working at Silicon Valley companies including Texas Instruments and Adobe Systems Inc., Dave Harris walked away from the high tech world to take over Timberline Adventures, which he now runs with his wife and business partner Kisa.

Dave and Kisa have long been avid cyclists and hikers. They did California’s “Death Ride” together -- a 130-mile day ride up 16,000 feet and over 5 passes. They jumped at the opportunity to reinvent themselves as bike and hike tour operators. As a Colorado native, Kisa was thrilled at the prospect of being able to finish raising her family in her home state.

These days Dave and Kisa spend their time guiding trips to places like Oregon’s Rogue River Wilderness, Canada’s Kootenay region, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Death Valley. That’s the fun part. Juggling the myriad logistical tasks and innumerable details involved in running over 60 bike tours and hiking trips a year all over North America is significantly more demanding.

While leaving established careers and buying a travel company certainly involved risk, it was not a decision made blindly. They had been customers of Timberline Adventures for 22 years and knew the company well. When the founders retired in 2011, Dave and Kisa were eager to take over a solid operation they respected. This was no fly-by-night startup. Timberline Adventures has been guiding active travel vacations for more than 30 years and is an undisputed leader in North American adventure travel.

Routes, mileage and accommodations are subject to change due to safety, road/trail conditions, weather and availability.